Best DVD Player for Car Headrest

If you’re looking to entertain bored children faced with lots of road time, look no further than our buying guide for the best DVD player for car headrest.

When purchasing a headrest DVD player, you have the choice of purchasing one that is integrated into the headrest or one that is portable. Both have their own benefits and it’s a matter of personal preference to which best suits your requirements.

Benefits of Headrest DVD Players

Install it on nearly any type of vehicle. Most installation processes are simple and don’t take a lot of time.

Easily remove and replace it. Since headrest DVD players can be installed on a variety of cars with ease, they can also be easily removed.

Increase your vehicle’s value. If you do plan on keeping the headrest DVD player in the car.

Headrest DVD Player Buying Guide

For long car journeys, a headrest DVD player is a cheap and convenient way to entertain passengers. The most important features to consider.

Easy Installation

Depending on which type of headrest DVD player you invest in, easy installation either means a simple process of replacing your headrests or installing mounts for the DVD player screens. Paired with easy installation is easy removal. The best headrest DVD players should only take about 10-15 minutes to install and/or remove one unit, wiring aside.

Display Size and Type

Display size is important. Look for gorgeous HD displays that are large enough to read text from. To that end, most of the above picks feature true HD displays of at least 10.1 inches, with several ascending to 10.5 inches.


DVD players are so much more than just a glorified CD player. Some products are even able to do both. The DVD player should be able to connect not only to the vehicle in which it resides but to other various devices as well.

Choosing which one you should buy for yourself can be a bit tricky, and that is why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 3 portable DVD players that you can buy today:

1. Wonnie Dual Screen Headrest DVD Player

Ships with a pair of HD displays that allow for the playing of separate content on each screen, with crisp and loud built-in speakers and a simple bracket-based install in line with what came with our top pick.


Allows each display to play separate content Crisp and loud speakers that can easily be heard Simple bracket-based install for automobiles


This headrest DVD player does offer support for USB sticks and SD cards, in addition to DVDs, but does not offer support for Blu-ray discs or HDMI-enabled devices.

2. Pyle Smart Audio Video Entertainment System

This DVD player supports almost all types of audio and video formats and can be mounted on all modern car models.


It features high-quality, built-in speakers for a superb audio experience and a wide, high-resolution, LCD screen. It effortlessly connects to phones, tablets, and other smart devices.


The input may change randomly when you switch off the engine. It might power off, or the screen might pixelate when you hit bumps. Some DVDs might not play at all.

3. SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player

The portable DVD player manufactured by SUNPIN is a convenient option for those who are looking for a budget option. The astounding number of ratings on Amazon indicate that the price and performance ratio is top-notch.

The model has many irresistible features that make it a noteworthy option on a road trip.


The image quality and price is top-notch. Offers easy compatibility as compared to other similar products. Plugable with two headphones at once. You can synchronize this device at home.


Users reported that the screen can easily break-in some cases. Reduced battery life as compared to other products.


Investing in a quality headrest DVD player can make a huge difference on long journeys. To make the experience more enjoyable for your children, pick out a series of DVDs they can watch only when in the car.

Alternatively, you can also choose a video game. Your rear-seat passengers can either make use of the car’s audio system or use headphones when using the DVD headrest.

Detachable headrest DVD players can be great for RV trips as well. Rather than attaching to the back of a seat, these DVD players often come with kickstands that allow you to watch them at a table, on the couch. We advise that you choose one that is best suited for your car and comes with a reliable mounting bracket.

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